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Miami Herald

September 6, 2014: Pam Allyn, Students Should Learn to Do More Than Click


Scholastic Instructor Magazine

August 27, 2014: Pam Allyn, 5 Ways to Reach Every Reader



August 20, 2014: Interview with Pam Allyn, Teaching Kids to Write by Hand


International Reading Association

July 30, 2014: April Hall, #IRAChat: Starting the Year 'Literacy-Strong'


Hartford EyeWitness News3

July 16, 2014: PRNewswire, BIC Encourages Parents of Students to "Fight For Your Write"; Launches Initiative to Highlight Benefits of Writing


Huffington Post

July 16, 2014: Pam Allyn, Where Are the Stories of Girls?


Detroit Public Schools

July 15, 2014: Detroit Public Schools, LitWorld and Detroit Public Library launch new DPS summer reading initiative: Everything Literacy!


9 News NBC Denver

July 1, 2014: Interview with Pam Allyn, Parents Encouraged to Read to Kids More During Summer


Huffington Post

June 23, 2014: Pam Allyn, Nurturing and Cultivating Fearless Summer Readers


Huffington Post

June 12, 2014: Pam Allyn, Stories Are Not for Sale


Huffington Post

May 8, 2014: Pam Allyn, For These Are All Our Girls


CNN International

April 30, 2014: Pam Allyn on the Importance of Girls' Education


Huffington Post

April 21, 2014: Pam Allyn, Why Poetry Matters


Al Jazeera Live

April 15, 2014: LitWorld Founder Pam Allyn on the State of Literacy in the United States


Columbia University

April 3, 2014: Millennium Cities Initiative, The Power of Reading Aloud: MCI Girls' LitClubs in Kenya and Ghana Celebrate World Read Aloud Day


Washington Post 

March 6, 2014: Ron Charles, Why World Read Aloud Day is my favorite holiday



March 6, 2014: Kelly Weill, NYPD Chief Bill Bratton Reads to Children


NBC News 4 New York

March 4, 2014: News 4 New York, An Interview with LitWorld Founder Pam Allyn 


U.S. News & World Report

March 4, 2014: Allie Bidwell, Reading Aloud is 'Simple, Cheap' Way to Fight Illiteracy, Advocates Say


Huffington Post

March 3, 2014: Pam Allyn, Read Aloud. Change the World.


Scholastic On Our Minds Blog

February 27, 2014: Pam Allyn, A Global Movement Powered by the Mighty Read Aloud

World Literacy Summit

February 25, 2014: World Literacy Summit, Feature Speaker: Jennifer Estrada


Huffington Post

December 23, 2013: Pam Allyn, Let's Make 2014 the Year of the Child


Huffington Post

November 27, 2013: Pam Allyn, 5 Ways to Help Kids Live Lives of Gratitude


Global Education Conference

November 18, 2013: Pam Allyn & Jennifer Estrada, Transformational Literacy Literacy in the 21st Century: Four Lessons from the LitClub Model

Huffington Post

October 11, 2013: Pam Allyn, Stand Up for Girls Today: We Are Each Other's Strength


Psychology Today

September 30, 2013: Pam Allyn, Raising a Reader: Learning Empathy

Huffington Post

September 27, 2013: Pam Allyn, Stand Up for Girls


Huffington Post

August 26, 2013: Pam Allyn, A Back to School Call to Action: Let's Have Malala Day Every Day


American University School of International Service

August 13, 2013: Rebecca Lindegren, Ten Innovative NGOs in Education


Associated Press

August 10, 2013: Philip Elliott, Not Vacation: Summer Learning Programs Crucial



August 5, 2013: Denise Restauri, From Detroit To Manila, Literacy Is A Life Raft To Independence


Huffington Post

July 26, 2013: Pam Allyn, Voices and Choices: The Secrets to Summer Reading and Writing Success



July 26, 2013: Madison Graboyes, LitWorld's LitCamps: Literacy Champion Spotlight


NBC New York

July 16, 2013: Pam Allyn, Battling the Summer Slide: LitCamp

The Times of Israel

July 13, 2013: Suzanne Kurtz, Ben Hirschfeld: A (safe) light unto students in Africa

Bloomberg TV

July 11, 2013: Pam Allyn and Dominique Young, Education's Next Chapter Focuses on Books, Literacy

Psychology Today

July 11, 2013: Pam Allyn, 10 Ways to Raise a Happy Child

Huffington Post

July 8, 2013: Pam Allyn, Let's Put the 'Summer' Feeling Back into 'Summer Learning' for Kids


IPP Media

July 4, 2013: Sylivester Domasa, First Ladies urged to use perks to address women's drawbacks


Scholastic Instructor Magazine

May 10, 2013: Pam Allyn, Pam Allyn's 5 Tips for Summer Reading

Educational Leadership Magazine

May 9, 2013: Pam Allyn, Raising Learning Warriors

Huffington Post

April 19, 2013: Pam Allyn, Six Messages for a Child


Huffington Post

April 10, 2013: Pam Allyn, The Rain is Gone, Here Comes the Sun

Huffington Post

April 4, 2013: Pam Allyn, Humankind's Greatest Innovation is the Power of Story



March 18, 2013: Scholastic On Our Minds Blog, Pam Allyn on stretching kids' 'reading muscles' in the Common Core era


Huffington Post

March 12, 2013: Katie Davis, Episode #132 - World Read Aloud Day


The Basic 12

March 8, 2013: U.S. Embassy in read aloud campaign


School Library Journal

March 7, 2013: Rocco Staino, Librarians Celebrate World Read Aloud Day


The Jakarta Post

March 7, 2013: Indah Setiawati, Children, Moms Take Literature Celebration to Deprived Kids


HuffPost Live

March 6, 2013: Interview with Pam Allyn, World Read Aloud Day: Conquering Illiteracy


Publishers Weekly

March 6, 2013: Publishers Weekly, Skype Enables Free Group Video Calls for Schools on Read Aloud Day


Huffington Post

March 6, 2013: Pam Allyn, World Read Aloud Day: Building a Worldwide Literacy Community



March 6, 2013: Elisa Steele, Celebrating World Read Aloud Day: Our Global Reading Initiative and Free Group Video Calling for Teachers


Huffington Post

March 6, 2013: Susan M. Blaustein, Reading: The Key to Development and Community Worldwide


Hindustan Times

March 6, 2013: Petrina D'Souza, Read Out Loud



March 6, 2013: Goodnet, Today is World Read Aloud Day


Pearson Foundation

March 5, 2013: Pearson Foundation, March 6th is World Read Aloud Day


New York Daily News

March 4, 2013: Douglas Feiden, World Read Aloud Day Lets Children Around the World Tell Stories, Share Books, Gather in LitClubs, Revel in Beauty of Hearing the Written Word


NY 1 News

March 3, 2013: NY1 News, Not-For-Profit To Encourage Schools To "Read It Foward"


Huffington Post

February 27, 2013: Pam Allyn, Share the Gift of Story on World Read Aloud Day


Pearson Research & Innovation Network

February 18, 2013: Pam Allyn, Top 10: Teaching Writing in the Common Core Era


Huffington Post

January 21, 2013: Pam Allyn, The Stand in the Schoolhouse Door


Huffington Post

December 17, 2012: Pam Allyn, Today is the Day of the Child's Story


Pearson Foundation

October 25, 2012: Pearson Foundation, LitWorld $250,000 Matching Grant


Global Partnership for Education

October 11, 2012: Livia Barton, Education at the Forefront of International Day of the Girl

Huffington Post

October 11, 2012: Pam Allyn, The Best Defense Against Bullying: Arming Your Kids With Stories


Goodnet: Gateway to Doing Good

October 9, 2012: The Day of the Girl


We are Teachers

October 8, 2012: Hannah Hudson, Pam Allyn on Literacy Across the Curriculum


Huffington Post

October 3, 2012: Leah, Laventer Atieno, Diana Kwamboko, Girls in Kenya Speak Out on Equal Education


Huffington Post

October 2, 2012: Mercy Ajuma, Spencer Awoor & Calvine Shikhoyi, Standing Up For Girls To Be Respected


Dot Learnt

October 1, 2012: Mary Ames, Will You Stand Up for Girls?


Bubblegum Post

September 26, 2012: Bubblegum Post, LitWorld & Stand Up For Girls


Huffington Post

September 20, 2012: Maryjane Abrilla, I Stand Up for Education


Parents Magazine

September 10, 2012: Amanda Lehrman, 10 Activities to Improve Your Toddler's Development


Huffington Post

September 6, 2012: Tiffany Collins, I Stand Up for Equality in the Classroom


Huffington Post

September 4, 2012: Tiffany Collins, I Stand Up for Women Athletes


Huffington Post

August 23, 2012: Daija Spaulding, I Stand Up for Bookworms


Goodnet: Gateway to Doing Good

August 16, 2012: 7 Inspiring Literacy & Education Nonprofits


Amherst College: Center for Community Engagement In the News

August 12, 2012: Internship Postcards: Amelia Moore '14


The Pearson Foundation

June 27, 2012: Pam Allyn, Five Things I've Learned

Huffington Post

June 5, 2012: Pam Allyn, The Power of Accompaniment: In Education, in Health, in Life Journeys

Mom Enough
March 26, 2012: Pam Allyn Podcast Interview, Good Writing is Essential to Success in Work and Life in the 21st Century

Westchester Magazine

March 19, 2012: Ronnie Levine, A Profile of LitWorld Founder and Hastings-on-Hudson Resident Pam Allyn


Educational Leadership Magazine

March 12, 2012: Pam Allyn, Taming the Wild Text: A top-10 list of strategies to help the struggling reader become fierce, unafraid, and strong.


Huffington Post

March 8, 2012: Rocco Staino, World Read Aloud Day - A Worldwide Celebration


Mr. Schu Reads

March 8, 2012: John Schu, World Read Aloud Day 2012



March 6, 2012: Margarita Tartakovsky, Celebrate World Read Aloud Day on March 7th


Wisconsin Public Radio

March 5, 2012: Ben Merens Interviews Pam Allyn about World Read Aloud Day 2012
[Hear more from Pam Allyn on WPR's At Issue with Ben Merens]

Read Philippines

March 5, 2012: Read Philippines, March 7 is World Read Aloud Day


Inquirer News

March 3, 2012: Neni Sta. Romana Cruz, Imagine a World Where Everyone Can Read


The New York Times Learning Network

March 1, 2012: Katherine Schulten, Tools and Tips for World Read Aloud Day


Huffington Post

December 2, 2011: Pam Allyn, Apps That Encourage Kids to Read

Huffington Post

November 18, 2011: Lisa Belkin Interviews Pam Allyn, Giving Boys a Love of Reading

Huffington Post

November 12, 2011: Pam Allyn, Reading Scores and Wars: A New Solution


November 1, 2011: Blog post on "Your Child's Writing Life," Hope in Homework Valley

Reader Girls

September 29, 2011: Pam Allyn Guest Post on "Your Child's Writing Life"

Erie Times-News

September 26, 2011: Op-Ed featuring Pam Allyn, Help Erie Kids be Better Readers

Education News

September 20, 2011: Pam Allyn, A Child Writer in Today's Complex World

Wisconsin Public Radio

September 20, 2011: Ben Merens Interviews Pam Allyn on Social Media and Children's Grammer Learning
[Hear more from Pam Allyn on WPR's At Issue with Ben Merens]

September 19, 2011: Margarita Tartakovsky on "Your Child's Writing Life:" How to Inspire Your Kids to Write and Why It's So Important


September 12, 2011: Pam Allyn, How to Nurture Writing in Young Students

Kids These Days

September 8, 2011: Pam Allyn Podcast Interview on "Best Books for Boys"

New York Family

September 1, 2011: Melanie Dostis, On the Write Track

The Day

September 1, 2011: Amy Berry, Parents Can Help Create Lifelong Readers

Psychology Today

September 1, 2011: Pam Allyn, Packing Your Child's Brain for School

The New York Times

August 22, 2011: Pam Allyn, Daughter, Rising

DayBreakUSA Radio

August 22, 2011: Pam Allyn Interview, "Your Child's Writing Life"

Huffington Post

August 1, 2011: Pam Allyn, A New Girls' and Women's Literacy Empowerment Movement


NBC News Education Nation
July 15, 2011: Pam Allyn, Top 5 Reasons Writing is Important for Kids

Mom Enough

July 11, 2011: Pam Allyn Podcast Interview, Do You Want to Ignite the Love of Reading in Your Child?

CBS New York

July 7, 2011: Catherine Cioffi Reporting, Westchester County Woman Headed on Literacy Mission to Kenya

Kid Lit Frenzy!

July 5, 2011: Interview with Pam Allyn, Author & Global Literacy Advocate

BronxNet TV: OPEN

June 30, 2011: Daren Jaime Interviews Pam Allyn, Words Changing Worlds

Huffington Post

June 27, 2011: Pam Allyn, We Are Alive: A Call for a New Women's Global Movement

A Reader's Journey

June 1, 2011: Jennifer Stone on "Pam Allyn's Best Books for Boys," plus an interview with Pam Allyn

A Year of Reading

May 26, 2011: Franki Sibberson and Mary Lee Hahn on "Pam Allyn's Best Books for Boys," plus an interview with Pam Allyn

Book Dads

May 17, 2011: Chris Singer on "Pam Allyn's Best Books for Boys"

Huffington Post

May 17, 2011: Pam Allyn, The Problem of the Disappearing Teacher and How to Solve It

The Mom Blogs

May 17, 2011: Lory Manrique-Hyland Interviews Pam Allyn

The Wall Street Journal

May 9, 2011: Melanie Grayce West, Couple Cultivate Love of Reading, a profile of Bill and Anne Krupman

The Boy Reader

May 7, 2011: Kyle Kimmal Interviews Pam Allyn

Let's Talk Live!

May 1, 2011: News Channel 8's Melanie Hastings Interviews Pam Allyn

Washington D.C. Examiner

May 1, 2011: Josiland Sledge review "Pam Allyn's Best Books for Boys"

Love to Know

April 20, 2011: Ella Rain, Choosing Books for Struggling Readers, an Interview with Pam Allyn

Huffington Post

April 9, 2011: Pam Allyn, Early Childhood Education Is at Risk

Pearson Foundation

March 17, 2011: Andrew Zabelskis, Help Support World Read Aloud Day


March 11, 2011: Celebrating World Read Aloud Day: The Power of Broadband for Education

Westwood-Hillsdale Patch

March 10, 2011: Westwood Public Library Celebrates World Read Aloud Day (Video)

Daily News

March 10, 2011: Jennifer Cunningham, Convey & kids join in LitWorld's Times Square read-a-thon to promote literacy

DNA Info

March 10, 2011: Matthew Finch, Waiting Rooms Become Reading Rooms on World Read Aloud Day

Huffington Post

March 9, 2011: Pam Allyn, Words Changing Worlds

New York 1 News

March 9, 2011: Schools Chancellor Marks World Read Aloud Day

ABC News Good Morning America

March 9, 2011: Books Without Borders: World Read Aloud Day with Clifford the Big Red Dog

School Library Journal

March 8, 2011: Rocco Staino, Celebrate World Read Aloud Day

AM Northwest TV Portland

March 8, 2011: Teri Centinna, World Read Aloud Day segment

The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop

March 3, 2011: Meagan Bromley, World Read Aloud Day: Empowerment: Take a Look, It's in a Book

Tablet Magazine

March 1, 2011: Marjorie Ingall, Loud and Clear

International Reading Association

February 28, 2011: World Read Aloud Day set for March 9

Huffington Post

February 24, 2011: Pam Allyn, The eReader Is Not the Enemy

Education Week

February 14, 2011: World Read Aloud Day 2011: Words Changing Worlds

Pearson Foundation

February 11, 2011: Pam Allyn Selected as Greatest Person of the Day

Webmaster Radio

January 12, 2011: Pam Allyn Interview, Books and Stories to Read with Your Child


Huffington Post

December 21, 2010: HuffPost's Greatest Person of the Day: Pam Allyn, Founder of LitWorld

December 13, 2010: Stephanie Ruble, Holiday Book Drive for LitWorld


Blog Talk Radio

October 19, 2010: Pam Allyn Radio Interview, Youth and Better Literacy



October 12, 2010: Pam Allyn on Classroom Management and Teaching Reading (Video)


Gazette Net

September 2, 2010: Rebecca Everett, Easthampton Woman Sees Literacy as Key to Helping Children in Africa


Huffington Post

June 23, 2010: Pam Allyn, Summer Reading: A Midsummer Night's Read


Hoo-Dee-Hoo: A Shout Out to Modern Motherhood

June 16, 2010: Pam Allyn speaks on the impacts of children's literature



Huffington Post

June 8, 2010: Pam Allyn, Rewriting the Story of Motherhood



ABC News

May 27, 2010: Must Have Picture Books


Wisconsin Public Radio

March 3, 2010: Ben Merens Interviews Pam Allyn about World Read Aloud Day
[Hear more from Pam Allyn on WPR's At Issue with Ben Merens]


Oprah Radio's Dr. Laura Berman Show

March 2, 2010: Dr. Laura Berman Interviews Pam Allyn, Read With Your Child


Mom Enough

February 28, 2010: Dr. Marti Erikson and Erin Erikson Garner Interview Pam Allyn, Is Your Child Learning to Love to Read - And Read to Succeed?


WAMC Northeast Public Radio

February 15, 2010: Glen Busby: "The Best of Our Knowledge #1013," World Read Aloud Day is Coming March 3rd



Huffington Post

January 23, 2010: Pam Allyn, Bedtime Reading: Children's Stories to Inspire You in Your Sleep