WRADvocate Ambassadors

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2014 WRADvocates

Our WRADvocates are outstanding supporters of children and their reading lives who are going above and beyond in their efforts to support the World Read Aloud Day 2014 campaign through extended outreach in their networks, and by hosting events in their communities.

Camille Aragon, District of Columbia

Deepak Sharma Bajagain, Nepal

Monica Burns, New York

Rio Z. Brigino, Manila, Philippines

Lisa & Michael Cohn, Oregon

Debbie Dadey, Pennsylvania

Karla Duff, Iowa

Lori Sherritt-Fleming, British Columbia, Canada

Bob Forbes, Florida

Caroline Leavitt, New York

Amanda Lehrman, New Jersey

Carole Lindstrom, Durban, South Africa

Kelly Lombardo, Ohio

Anne Crofts Mead, Connecticut

Victoria Marin, New Jersey

Kate Messner, Vermont

Shannon Miller, Iowa

Jude Morrissey, Louisiana

Beth Panageotou, Maryland

Andy Plemmons, Georgia

Jennifer Reed, Massachusetts

John Schumacher, Illinois

Colby Sharp, Michigan

Faraja Nyalandu, Tanzania

Franki Sibberson, Ohio

Kevin Simpson, Dubai

Kruti Suba, New York

Katherine Starke, Virginia

Gail Terp, New York

Cathy Trementozzi, New Jersey

Esther Uribe, Texas

Vincent Ventura, Monterrey, Mexico

Beth Vetare, New York

Jennifer Vincent, Illinois

Matthew Winner, Maryland

Michelle Breum, Montana

Sarah Mendelsohn, New York

Lisa Von Redden, New York