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The Young Professionals Network is a community of young leaders that aims to expand and amplify LitWorld’s impact through fundraising, advocacy, and community-building initiatives. We represent a broad array of professional expertise and personal passions, but we are unified by our belief in the LitWorld mission. The Young Professionals Network is led by the YPN Board, a governing body of committed leaders responsible for setting and actualizing the network’s goals season-over-season.



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Meet our 2018-2019 YPN Board!

Olivia Chase, Chief Culture Officer
Olivia Chase is currently an English teacher at the Avenues School, and she has been working a member of the YPN Board since 2014. She previously taught in France and China. Her favorite children's book is A Wrinkle in Time, but really, favorites are impossible and it's an unfair question.

Caelyn Cobb, Gala Chair
Caelyn Cobb is an editor for nonfiction books on global history and international politics at Columbia University Press. She has been working with LitWorld since 2015 and traveled to visit their programs in Haiti as part of her graduate studies at NYU. Her favorite books growing up were Ella Enchanted and anything from the Nancy Drew mystery series.

Eric de Lemos, Secretary
Eric de Lemos is a human being recently returned to New York City and is very excited to join the YPN Board in 2017. His favorite children’s book is Singularity by William Sleator.

Angela Januzzi, Outreach and Community Coordinator
Angela Januzzi has spent her career in publicity, marketing, and internal and external communications for the worlds of book publishing and non-profit development (in education reform and environmental conservation). She also writes and makes things under a few different names, which she might tell you if you ask. Growing up in Northeast Ohio, as a kid her favorite books almost always seemed to be about mysticism, good witches, the natural world, and social justice. Some things never change.

Lily Lovinger, Stand Up for Girls Event Chair
Lily Lovinger works in fundraising and special events at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. She is a self-described ballet nerd, and is happiest when at the beach with a good book. Her favorite part about getting old is having more friends with young children for whom she can buy all of her favorite children's books, such as Chester's Way and The Sailor Dog.

Jessie Paddock, HerStory Event Chair
Jessie Paddock is thrilled to join the YPN crew. An aspiring children’s book writer, semi-retired actor, and lifelong soccer enthusiast, she can always make time to read Calvin & Hobbes. Jessie recently earned her MFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in Writing for Children and Young Adults from The New School and has most recently worked as a publishing assistant and teaching artist. Her first favorite book was Goodnight Moon.

Anxhelina Prenika, LitWorld Staff Liaison
Anxhelina Prenika joined the LitWorld staff in 2017 as Director of Operations and HR. At her core, Anxhelina is a facilitator with a passion for operations management, who enjoys challenging and impactful work that strives to make a difference in the community. In her free time, she enjoys learning languages, traveling, volunteering and mentoring youth social innovation programs. Her favorite children's book is The Little Prince.

Samantha Siegal, Co-Chair
Samantha Siegal works in global marketing & strategy for PepsiCo, where she's learned more than a normal person would ever care to know about beverages since joining the company out of business school. She’s been part of the YPN since 2015 and is thrilled to serve as co-chair. When not exploring, yoga-ing or brewing beer, she loves rereading her favorite children's book: The Phantom Tollbooth.

Ilana Solomon, Fundraising Coordinator
Ilana Solomon is the Development Associate at LitWorld and joined the YPN Board in 2016 after completing her MPA Capstone with LitWorld. A proud Hufflepuff, her favorite children's book series (and now adult book series) is Harry Potter.

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