Shining Our Light for 10 Years

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People’s own stories are humankind’s greatest resource, and these stories are the key to creating social change. 

10 Years Ago...

In 2007, Pam Allyn visited Kibera, an area of extreme poverty in Nairobi, Kenya. There, she experienced the urgent desire children had to read, write and share their stories, the barriers that stood in their way, and the amazing power of literacy to remove those barriers.

Inspired after her first visit to Kibera, Pam returned to New York committed to building a new movement founded on the belief that literacy is a universal human right. LitWorld set out to create a movement designed not only to further basic literacy, but to further productive, transformational literacy defined by dreams that can come true. 


Since 2007, LitWorld has developed a model which taps into a strong network of almost 50 diverse partner organizations and trains hundreds of mentors who reach thousands of children all over the world. Our work is based in the inherent joy and transformation of reading, writing, and storytelling. We provide year-round, child-centered programming that encourages self-expression, builds understanding, and cultivates confidence, using literacy as a tool and pathway for self-empowerment.

We are so excited to share our 10 years with you. See the 10 Ways we tell LitWorld's story.