LitWorld began working in Haiti in 2012, focusing on Port-au-Prince and the surrounding area. Haiti is one of LitWorld’s four Innovation Hub countries.

LitWorld partners with Fondation TOYA, which focuses on cultivating leadership and entrepreneurship in Haiti’s young women. Together, LitWorld and TOYA run 3 Girls LitClubs, 2 Boys and Girls LitClubs, 2 Moms LitClubs, an annual LitCamp, and a Library Hub with special events and community outreach. Together, LitWorld and TOYA reach 200 community members on a monthly basis and 300 additional community members for special events such as World Read Aloud Day and Stand Up for Girls.

The Children of Haiti Project runs an educational center providing children with formal education as well as support around medical, nutritional and family needs. COHP and LitWorld run 2 Moms LitClubs, which include sewing lessons as well as standard LitClub activities, and also include LitClub lessons within the COHP school literacy curriculum and the COHP summer camp program.

What Challenges Do Children Face in Haiti?

  • Approximately 35% of Haitian youth are unable to read.
  • The average Haitian child spends less than four years in school.
  • Approximately 75% of teachers in Haiti lack adequate credentials.
  • School expenses are a major burden to low-income families.
  • The 2010 earthquake damaged or destroyed 80% of primary and secondary schools in earthquake-affected areas.