LitWorld has partnered with the Kenya Education Fund (KEF) in Kibera, Nairobi since 2009. KEF sponsors 500 students across Kenya to provide education support and resources to break the cycle of poverty in Kenya. KEF runs 4 Girls LitClubs, 2 Boys LitClubs, 1 Moms LitCLubs, and 19 Library programs, with 410 total members. In Bungoma, another LitWorld partner recently became a part of KEF, with 2 Girls LitClubs and 1 Teens LitClubs, serving 55 total members.

In Kisumu, LitWorld has partnered since 2012 with Golden Girls Foundation, which creates socio-economic opportunities for girls and women, to run 5 Girls LitCLubs, 1 Moms LitClub, and 1 Teens LitClub, with 60 total members. Also in Kisumu, LitWorld works with Alice Visionary Foundation Project (AVFP), which serves orphans and vulnerable children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Since July 2014, LitWorld and AVFP have run 4 Girls LitClubs, 2 Moms LitClubs, and 1 Teens LitClub, with 127 total members. Before partnering with AVFP, LitWorld ran these LitClubs for three years in partnership with Millenium Cities Initiative.

In 2013, LitWorld also began working with Eneza Education, which gives students, teachers, and families access to educational information and help using mobile devices. Eneza is working with 150 LitClub members at LitWorld sites across Kenya to pilot their program using basic mobile phones to prepare for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam that determines students’ entrance into high school.