Event Ideas

Read Aloud with a special guest
Invite a special guest to do a read aloud. Your guest can be a local author, a community leader, a teacher, or anyone else you would like to invite!

Launch a Pop-Up Poetry or Storytelling Café
Gather your group for snacks and storytelling by inviting everyone to read their own writing or a favorite poem or short story to the audience. You can tailor this activity by adding a theme such as one of the 7 Strengths.

Create a Story in the Round
Sit in a circle and make a group story by having each person add a sentence one at a time as you go around the circle. The sillier the better! You can come up with a theme or a description of the key characters at the beginning to get everyone’s ideas flowing. For younger children, modify the activity by adding one word each. For any child-parent groups, have one set make the story and the other act it out in the center of the circle.

Start a Dialogue
Begin by reading a book aloud and asking open-ended questions. (Use our Read Aloud Guide for pointers). Continue the conversation with questions such as What is your favorite read aloud memory? What do you like most about read alouds? If you met someone who had never read a book and could choose one book to share with them, which book would it be? Why?

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