Our Mission: LitWorld empowers all children to author lives of independence, hope, and joy.

LitWorld engages students and families around the globe by providing opportunities for them to explore and learn from their own narratives and voices, and builds sustainable communities for literacy where knowledge and empowerment break the cycle of illiteracy and give all people a chance to pursue every dream.

Our key programs are LitClubs, LitCamps, World Read Aloud Day and Stand Up for Girls.

LitWorld’s Top 10 Messages

1. Work locally and think globally.

2. Trust the child’s point of view.

3. Value human-centered design.

4. Provide access to resources.

5. Campaign for gender equity.

6. Value the strength of community.

7. Emphasize year-round learning.

8. Harness the power of authentic audience.

9. Advocate for every child’s right to a childhood and to the joy of it.

10. The child will lead the way.