Advisory Council

LitWorld's Advisory Council members are selected for their unique gifts and talents in their chosen fields, combined with a deep commitment to children’s rights and to literacy as a human right that belongs to all people. Members advise LitWorld on various aspects of the work, providing guidance and support on all of our initiatives.

Kwame Alexander

Marva Allen

Jim Allyn

Amal Aly

Diane Arena

Patricia Baptiste

Kylene Beers

Rebecca Bellingham

Jeannie Blaustein

Madeline Boskey

Margaret Breed

Lois Bridges

Marie Brown

Rebekah Coleman

Anne Connerty

Ralph Cummins

Nicole Deming

Elvita Dominique

Aimee Deutsch

Ann Erb-Leoncavallo

Duquesne Fednard

Elizabeth Fernandez

Naasu Fofanah

Bev Gallagher

Madison Graboyes

Lucy Gray

Clare Grossman

Joanne Heyman

Julie Hirschfeld

Tracy Jarrett

Megan Karges

Sarah Knox

Anne Krupman

Anne Lee

Lauren Levine

Kristine Mandigma

Lindsey Manwell

Aurora Martinez

Atdhe Matoshi

Molly Mead

Geeta Mehta

Paul Murphy

Carolyn Nash

Megan Newman

Elena Oxman

Susan Prosnitz (Chair)

Margaret Walsh Ramsey

Leah Reiser

Laura Schiller

Janine Smith

Ina Solomon

Joy Solomon

Rocco Staino

Brooke Stone

Lisa Stone

Lori Vehmas-Falkin

Kimmie Weeks

Jud Whidden

Phoebe Yeh

Yaya Yuan