On-the-Ground Team


Peachy Abellon

Philippines Regional Manager

Peachy joined the LitWorld team in early 2013. In her role as Regional Coordinator, Peachy oversees the implementation and expansion of the Philippines Innovation Hub network of programs, including LitClubs in Bulacan and Manila and the recently launched Moms LitClub program. Peachy met LitWorld through Project Pearls, LitWorld's grassroots partner organization, where she works as the Education and Literacy Coordinator since 2011. Born and raised in Manila, Peachy holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and delights in spending time with her two wonderful children.


Sachernka Anacassis

Port-au-Prince Partnership Coordinator

Sacha is a Young Woman Leader at Fondation TOYA in Port-au-Prince. She is an actress, a debater and a passionate reader. She credits her mother’s decision to enroll her in community library programs as her motivation to help other children fall in love with reading and become active in their communities. She believes in every child’s right to have a joyful life surrounded by books and as a LitWorld Regional Coordinator she empowers young people to use literacy to achieve their goals.


Jhoanna Andrea

Colombia Regional Coordinator

Jhoanna Andrea is a systems technician and a teacher. She graduated from the Institución Educativa Escuela Normal Superior Jorge Isaacs and focused her research on the role of a teacher in the formation of values and pedagogical practices. Jhoanna has been a presenter at national and international events and is currently completing her social sciences degree at Universidad del Quindio. She works at Museo Rayo in Roldanillo Valle, Colombia, as a coordinator of the children's reading room. She directs social work in the context of reading rooms for the young adults enrolled in the teaching program at the Escuela Normal Superior Jorge Isaacs. Jhoanna became a LitWorld Regional Coordinator in 2014. She firmly believes in the power of reading and is an advocate and defender of children's rights. She believes that the books are the most powerful weapons for peace and is an educational leader in her community.


Emefa Ansah

Accra Regional Coordinator

Emefa has been working with LitWorld since she began leading a Girls LitClub in Accra, Ghana in 2011. She is now leading and managing a network of LitClubs in Accra and Volta while running the non-profit organization Ceinode Ghana, where she is the Founder & Executive Director. Emefa is also currently pursuing a Masters degree in Human Resource Management at the University of Ghana. She holds a Bachelors degree in Operations and Project Management, a Diploma in Adult Education, and a Teachers Certificate ‘A’ diploma. Emefa's specific interests include gender and literacy promotion, reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS education. She has facilitated numerous workshops and trainings including presenting on Development Cooperation during "De Afrikadag" (Africa Day) in The Netherlands, and on the Global Teenager project at the John Kooji Fellowship Networking Event in Ghana. Emefa won the UNESCO KING HAMMAD BIN ISA-AL KHALIFA ICT Award for the Global Teenager Project Ghana in 2008 under the ministry of Education, Ghana. She has also worked as a research assistant with Noghuchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research and the Institute for Statistical Social and Economic Research, and is member of networks including the Ghana National Coalition for Education and the Network of Literacy Promoters. Emefa draws her motivation from working with young girls and seeing their lives improve. She is married with two children.


Golda Sawala Ayodo

Kisumu Regional Coordinator

Golda began working with LitWorld in 2012 when she launched LitWorld programs in several rural Kisumu schools. She loves working with girls and young women, and watching them grow to be the light of their villages. Golda is the CEO and Executive Director of the Golden Girls Foundation, an organization that empowers girls and women by providing opportunities and resources to create socioeconomically sustainable communities and environmentally conscious families. Golda received her MBA in Accountancy from Spicer Memorial College India and has taught accounting courses at several post-secondary institutions, including Kenyatta University, Maseno University, Kenya College of Accountancy, The Catholic University of Eastern African and currently the Kisumu campus of Nairobi University.


Phoebe Darya

Kisumu Regional Coordinator

Phoebe joined the LitWorld team in early 2013 to coordinate LitWorld programs that run in urban Kisumu in partnership with the Millennium Cities Initiative. Phoebe has been working as an advocate for children’s educational rights since the age of 18 when she joined the administration team at Covenant Home, an orphanage in Kisumu. In this position she developed a library and establishing networking channels with the local government. Phoebe is a graduate of the Community and Social Development program of Daystar University of Nairobi. She is the co-founder of SAGE, a non-governmental organization based in Kisumu that offers psycho-social support to girls in Kisumu schools and distributes sanitary supplies to keep girls in class.


Monet Izabeth Eliastam

Visual Storytelling Ambassador

Monet joined the LitWorld team in 2015. She holds a BA in Film Studies from Barnard College. After graduation, her passion for documenting women's stories led her to working on an independent media project in South Africa and Nepal. Based in Boston, Monet now works on-site to capture the empowering joy of LitWorld's programming. When she's not working, Monet can be found reading on the couch with her basset hound, Webster.


Jean Marie Habimana

Rwinkwavu Regional Coordinator

Jean Marie combines his expertise in information technology and his passion for education and social justice as a program manager at Ready for Reading, a non-profit organization in Rwinkwavu, Rwanda. In this role he coordinates school enrichment programs, supervises a team of volunteer teachers, supports lesson and curriculum planning, and provides IT support to the Rwinkwavu Community Library. Ready for Reading programs emphasize developing strong relationships between parents and teachers to strengthen the impact of children’s literacy learning. Jean Marie joined the LitWorld team when the Moms LitClub program launched in Rwinkwavu. Responding to the literacy gap in his community and the need he saw to improve children’s relationship with reading and writing, Jean Marie expanded LitWorld programs to include LitClubs for boys and girls in July 2014.


Faraz Javed

Faisalabad Regional Coordinator

Faraz started working with LitWorld at the end of 2013 to coordinate LitWorld programs that run in Faisalabad, Pakistan in partnership with Seeds of Hope Foundation. His mother’s work as a College Professor and Primary School Principal shaped his commitment to education and charitable work. From a young age Faraz has been passionate about advocating for children in his neighborhood to go school. Through tuition scholarships and advocacy around education as a fundamental human right, the Seeds of Hope Foundation provides a safety net for children in the community, keeping them in school. Faraz received his bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Political Science from the University of the Punjab, Pakistan. He is now Program Manager of the Seeds of Hope Foundation in the United States. Faraz got his license as Certified Nurse Assistant from the State of Virginia and is now pursuing his second Bachelor's degree in Nursing (BSN).


Joanne Levine

Director of Foundations for Literate Youth

Joanne is the Director of the Foundations for Literate Youth (FLY) Program at The Children's Village, a position she has held since 2007. She loves working with LitWorld in a local piece of a global effort to help boys at Children's Village become more competent and confident readers. Joanne originally joined the Books for Boys programming at the Children's Village in 2004, and has never left. She has a Master’s degree in Education from Lesley University, and has taught children of varying ages from pre-school through eighth grade.


Meera Mehta-Malek

Ahmedabad Regional Coordinator

Meera began her career in social work in 1993 in the urban slums of Ahmedabad city. The experience sharpened her concern in two areas: peace-building in the context of community tensions and violence in the city, and improving the living conditions of children (primarily girls) of displaced families. Meera holds a post-graduate degree in Psychology from Gujurat University and is the founder of the Centre for Development (CfD), a community-based organization that works with youth and women to build peace and reconciliation, leadership skills and provides support for women experiencing domestic abuse and other forms of violence. Meera’s special concern for children’s rights has led to an additional focus on educational services through Education Centers which serve displaced families and urban slums. She is spearheading the new Kadam Education Initiative (KEI) to expand the impact of Education Centers. Through CfD-KEI’s partnership with LitWorld, Meera has been serving as a Regional Coordinator in Ahmedabad since January 2014.  


Rose Mureka

Bungoma Regional Coordinator

Rose began working with LitWorld in 2008 as a participant in literacy workshops with the Children of Kibera Foundation in Kibera, Kenya. Rose led the first Girls LitClub in Kibera and has since moved to Bungoma Province in western Kenya where she is leading and managing a network of Girls LitClubs while working as a teacher at Lubunda R.C Primary School as a member of the Teachers Service Commission. Rose is also currently pursuing a degree course in Early Childhood and Primary Education at Moi University, Kenya. Rose is the ninth born in a family of twelve children and she grew up in a society where corporal punishment was a major correctional method and a silent disease at home and in school. Her desire to bring change in learning institutions brought her to Meru Teachers' College, Kenya Institute of Education, and Red Rose School and the Children of Kibera Foundation. At Red Rose School, Rose transcended her role as a teacher and became a guardian and a counselor. Her greatest pleasure is in offering and sharing her experience and her wisdom with her students.


Prisca Mutemi

Kibera Regional Coordinator

Prisca has been with the LitWorld team since she first arrived at Children of Kibera Foundation in 2011 and fell in love with the LitClub program. In her role as Regional Coordinator, Prisca oversees the Kibera Innovation Hub network of programs, including 6 clubs at the LitWorld Hub, the Ugandan Community Libraries LitClub Network, and independent LitClubs throughout Nairobi. She also oversees LitWorld's community library in Kibera and mentors her own girls LitClub members on their path to success. Prisca is also the Programs Officer at the Kenya Education Fund. Prisca's all time favorite story is Matilda by Roald Dahl, and her dream for the future is to continue a travel and to be a role model for the girls she works with.


Dominique Pierre

Port-au-Prince Regional Coordinator

Dominque specializes in the intersection of education and community service. Both have been part of her life from an early age as she grew up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and volunteered in communities with high poverty levels. Dominique moved abroad to earn her graduate degree in multi-disciplinary education at Buffalo State University. After graduating she taught in the New York public school system for three years before moving back to Port-au-Prince. She continued her education as a teacher at the International School where she incorporated social awareness and community engagement into her day to day instruction. Shortly after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Dominque helped to found the Children of Haiti Project (COHP) to make sure children had access to education and a safe place to learn amid the destruction caused by the disaster. Dominique continues to lead programs at COHP and manages LitClub programs that run in the COHP space.