Our Approach

Our programs encourage sharing stories, building community, and cultivating a love of reading and writing to help literacy skills grow stronger. Literacy for LitWorld means reading, writing, speaking, and creating. We focus on outlets for creative expression, the value of the read aloud to immerse children in language and reading, and ways to amplify young people's stories to dignify their experience and give them a voice in the world. The power of people’s own stories and a wide range of diverse children’s literature are cornerstones of our programming. 

LitWorld has developed a model which taps into a strong network of over 50 diverse partner organizations, in order to train hundreds of mentors who reach thousands of children all over the world. This scaleable and sustainable approach relies on ongoing training and support of our implemented programs and strong relationships with our partners. 

We partner with local, grassroots organizations who know the language, culture, and needs of their communities and also with bigger organizations and companies to bring our ideas to scale. The beauty of LitWorld’s curriculum is that it is built to adapt to unique environments to give kids and families the opportunity to read, write, and share their stories.

We believe in joyful partnerships, communities, and literacy. Everything we do stems from a place of joy! Reading and learning should be a positive experience for all children, and we take that very seriously. Joy matters to engage and stimulate kids’ creativity, cultivate a love of reading and writing, and achieve successful, academic outcomes. #seriousjoy

7 Strengths

LitWorld's 7 Strengths are core themes throughout all of our work. We believe these Strengths already exist inside every child. Our programs provide safe spaces for girls and boys to explore how they have experienced these big ideas in their own lives, and how they can use them to feel strong each day. In each unit of LitClub or LitCamp, one of these ideas is explored through stories mentors read to their LitClub members and stories that mentors and members share from their own lives.
LitWorld’s 7 Strengths are Belonging, Kindness, Curiosity, Friendship, Confidence, Courage, and Hope.

Belonging: I am a valuable and important member of my family, community, and world.
Curiosity: I show a willingness to explore new territory and test new theories.
Friendship: I value close, trusting relationships with people I can count on.
Kindness: I think about the needs of others and always lend a hand to help.
Confidence: I can think for myself and feel comfortable expressing my ideas.
Courage: I am strong enough to do the right thing, even when it’s hard.
Hope: I am optimistic that what I do today will result in a better tomorrow.