LitClub is a space for joyful learning, creative expression, community building, and developing social-emotional skills.

The LitClub model is an in-depth literacy and empowerment program designed to run outside of school time. Each LitClub serves a small group of girls or boys, ages 10-14, bringing members together once a week for two hours after school for joyful learning, creative expression, community building, and developing social-emotional skills.

LitClub members in Zambia described LitClub as “a place that taught them how to read, write, listening attentively and that it was a place where they cultivated happiness, joy, peace, respect and love for one another.”

LitClub results in increases in children's reading and writing capacities, civic engagement, future outlook, and sense of personal value, as well as a positive change in overall literacy levels and reading and writing habits of all community members. Our programs cultivate deeply developed mentor relationships and strong support networks that build towards successful futures. Older LitClub members and LitClub graduates often take on leadership roles as junior mentors and reading role models.

LitWorld is currently running programs in 27 countries, working with 57 partner organizations. Check out our partners and where we work.

Story21 LitClubs
The 21 in Story21 stands for 21st century learning. We believe that for children and families to thrive in the 21st century they need to be literacy-strong and comfortable using their literacy in all sorts of situations. That means sitting down and reading aloud from a traditional book, and it also means growing together using technology. Story21 brings families together once a week for family LitClub sessions where activities like collaborative storymaking on an app and written self-expression are facilitated side-by-side.

Moms LitClubs
LitWorld’s Moms LitClub is a model of social and educational interaction based in confidence-building, compassion-building, friendship-focused learning in a praise-centric, positive environment. They offer women a safe, structured setting using LitWorld’s 7 Strengths to raise their voices and build their confidence so that they have the necessary skills to support their children in their learning and development and better their lives for the future. Moms LitClubs are a place where women’s words change the world.

Moms Clubs provide women with opportunities to:

  • Build ties within their community and social support network
  • Build confidence so that they are better able to actively and constructively engage with their own children
  • Acquire strategies that can support their children’s literacy development
  • Sustain and develop their own literacy skills

Where We Work

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