LitCamp redefines summer learning.

LitCamps are one to five-week intensive literacy and enrichment programs designed to combat this reading loss that happens when children are not engaged in reading during pivotal out-of-school time. According to Scholastic, “Books matter so much, in fact, that even a summer away from them has a detrimental impact on achievement… by sixth grade, the so-called summer slide may account for 80% of the achievement gap.”

Through the innovative combination of active literacy support, community building, and interactive lessons that span a variety of disciplines and interests, LitCamps provide children with a fun, joyous, and safe way to give every child a joyful and empowered reading life.

LitWorld’s nonprofit partners run LitCamps in 10 countries internationally, including Cameroon, Colombia, Haiti, Honduras, India, Kenya, Nepal, Philippines, Uganda, and Rwanda. In the U.S., LitCamp is available to school districts, teachers, and community organizations through a one-of-a-kind partnership with Scholastic. In the summer of 2017, LitCamp reached 135,000 kids across the United States--double the reach of 2016.
This innovative learning program was adopted by the New York City Department of Education to help meet the standards of the “Summer in the City” Initiative, and by districts and cities across the country including Oakland, CA, Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA. 

LitCamp redefines the whole notion of summer learning. It is designed to bring a sense of joy, community, and accomplishment to children, teachers, and families.

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