At LitWorld we are privileged to be surrounded by an extraordinary community of innovative change-makers and passionate activists. These individuals inspire us every day and although they are no longer with us, it is an honor to continue our work in their memory to create a future where every child has a safe space to learn. You can make a contribution in memory of these LitWorld heroes here.


Bill Krupman

Bill Krupman was the father of LitWorld’s Executive Director, Pam Allyn, and his lasting literacy legacy will continue forever in the stories that LitWorld children joyfully share each day around the world. As LitWorld’s Chief Advisor he represented and championed our work both in the United States and on a mission to Kenya and Rwanda in 2011. About his role in this mission he said: "My job on this trip is to listen to the stories of the children." And that is exactly what he did and what he always did, better than anyone. Bill was a true and tireless advocate for every child’s right to literacy, and the joy of childhood. He built his life on the triad of family, work and service, making deep and meaningful lifelong connections everywhere he went. 


Elinor Ratner

Elinor was in her 90's when she worked with LitWorld, but her heart and soul always had a youthful drive. She guided and led our gala committee since its inception, and brought light and love there to it and to all of us over these years. We celebrate Elinor and all she accomplished in her lifetime through dedicated support and advocacy for education and the arts among many other community interests. We will forever remember this inspiring, generous and fiery woman through her daily embodiment of LitWorld's guiding principles, our 7 Strengths.


Dr. Lisa Zimmerman

Dr. Lisa Zimmerman was a compassionate and capable pediatrician, busy mom to three spirited kids, active participant in the school community and one-of-a-kind friend. Her infectious enthusiasm, warm smile, strong moral compass and genuine concern for all her fellow human beings exemplify the energy, passion and mission of LitWorld. We join with our extended LitWorld family to celebrate Lisa and all she accomplished in her too short 49 years. We will forever remember this caring, loyal, optimistic, generous, kind, bright and fun woman through her manifestation of LitWorld's core values.