A Refreshing Retreat to Welcome the New Year


Recently, our LitWorld staff convened for a retreat in Hastings on Hudson, away from the raucous hustle and bustle of New York City. There, inside the cozy home of our Executive Director Pam Allyn, we could watch the snow falling peacefully outside, making smooth, pristine blankets of powder as it landed on the ground below. It was the perfect setting for a refreshing reunion of thoughts and ideas, a place where we were able to share our intentions for the new year; thoughts and ideas glistening with curiosity and hope. 

The time we spent allowed us to map out our ideas of how LitWorld will create an even bigger impact for change this year, resulting in abundant new visions coupled with a magnificent source of energy to carry them through. We are excited about the surge of inspiration that fills us all to give love, care, and nurture through the healing power of words. Happy 2011!