Soaring with the Power Women of Kibera, Kenya

The women on the LitWorld team in the New York City office have a Skype date "Read & Bead" with the Power Women of Kibera, Kenya every few weeks and it is a highlight of the day, week, and month for all of us. After being ostracized by their communities because of their HIV-positive status, the Power Women came together to support one another and work together to improve their living situations and heal their lives.

The Power Women teach us how to make some of their incredible crafts, including paper beads and necklaces, and we read together and talk about being mothers, being daughters, dreaming big, and staying strong. Please give them a sign of support on December 3, their major fundraising day for the year, as these women are an integral part of the LitWorld family, and an example of how much having a community to share stories and words and resources with can change your ability to live a full life.

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Click here to visit the Power Women website and learn more about them and their work.