Conversations with Executive Director Pam Allyn

Join LitWorld and Pam Allyn for the launch of the LitWorld Live Orange Webcast Series on Tuesday, June 28 at 12 PM EST! The Series will feature renowned authors and speakers presenting free online workshops on topics of literacy and education, accessible to anyone and everyone on Facebook and Ustream.

Our first episode features LitWorld's Executive Director Pam Allyn for a "Story Power Hour" where she will host a lively discussion with parents, teachers, storytellers, and literacy leaders:
     Capture the magic and force of storytelling and writing stories for your students, your own children at home and for yourself. This Teach-In will provide innovative strategies you can use to get kids (of all ages!) engaged with narrative as a tool for empowerment and for improving reading and writing skills.

Please RSVP here and stay tuned for any updates.

In the meantime, join in the conversation over at EdWeek where Pam's piece from last week, Against the Whole-Class Novel, is generating a series of in-depth and impassioned comments: add your voice into the mix and express your thoughts on how we can most effectively engage children in reading in our classrooms today.