LitWorld in the Field: Mothers University, Magic Birds & Live Orange

All over the world, people seek out stories and words to comfort, inspire, inform and protect. In New York, tomorrow July 13, 2011, LitWorld hosts our second Live Orange Webcast to celebrate the superpowers of literacy to bind us, honor our inner selves and find each other across time zones.

Our beloved friend and inspiration spiritchild and his amazing band of hip hop leaders extraordinaire will call us together to teach this time. Be with LitWorld for this special event.

RSVP, see more details, and tune in LIVE tomorrow at 2pm EST at

I am far away right now, in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya with our LitWorld Delegation working with the Children of Kibera Foundation to strengthen local teachers and community members as literacy leaders so that all children and all people can partake in the wildly miraculous world that is the world of words. I am thinking of you. I am thinking of how the world is in need of justice and fairness. I think this can only happen if we fortify the world for the world's children. Like vitamins in milk and fresh air itself, literacy pumps power into minds and bodies.

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