Girls In Kenya Speak Out on Equal Education - The Kibera Girls LitClub Featured on Huffington Post

Laventer Atieno, LitWorld Girls LitClub Member

My name is Laventer Atieno. I am 14 years old and I am in the eighth grade. My hobbies are drawing, exploring, coloring and playing handball. My dream career is to be an explorer, a scientist or a psychiatrist. I learn in Red Rose Children's Centre. My favourite subjects are mathematics, science and social studies. My favourite colors are blue, purple and yellow. I love learning and going to school. When you are an educated person, no one can cheat you or deny you your rights. You will know and stand up for yourself. You will understand the laws and know what's wrong and what's good. That's why I stand up for girls to be educated. I would love all girls to be given equal opportunity with the rest of the people. I wish all girls not to be discriminated against, for surely they can do better if they are given the chance. All they need is opportunity. Again, I would love for girls to be respected. They need to be seen as people who have the ability to contribute to society. Girls are the most precious things in the world.

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