Pam Allyn is Featured on New Pearson Foundation Project


Pam is a featured contributor on the Pearson Foundation’s new project, Five Things I’ve Learned. The project aims to share the insights of education leaders whose daily efforts are improving outcomes for students inside and outside the classroom. Each contribution chronicles personal lessons learned from decades of real-world experience, sharing proven practice and wisdom about learning, teaching, and helping others. 

Pam’s touching list of personal reflections explains the core values that are at the heart of every LitWorld endeavour. To read her list in its entirety, visit Five Things I’ve Learned.

"The most important voices, the crucial voices, the voices of children themselves, are most often left out when we speak of matters of education and best practice. I have learned that the more I can ask children questions I don't already know the answers to, I learn so much about life, about literature, about the world."