LitWorld Pilots Data Collection Project at Kibera Innovation Hub Site

LitWorld's Creative Director, Dorothy Lee, has landed in Kibera, Kenya! She is with our partners the Children of Kibera Foundation, Vera Solutions, and Jennifer Estrada to launch LitWorld's data collection project. Read Dorothy's reports from the field here.

"We introduced the basic idea of the project to the LitClub leaders, Jeff, Prisca, Maureen, Geoffrey, Gertrude, and they all took the draft of the survey. And then we had a discussion about the survey questions. And it was just awesome. I had a couple of moments where that was all I could think to myself: this is awesome. I could feel the project coming into existence around me. They were asking such great questions, and bringing such interesting and informative feedback to us, it just made me tingle. And then after we wrapped up, we got to immediately revise the whole survey before we forgot what anyone said."