Meet Hadeer, A Fellow of the Bush Center's Women's Initiative

The Bush Institute’s Women’s Initiative Fellowship is designed to enhance the leadership skills of women around the world. A critical component of the Fellowship is mentoring.  Prominent American women are paired with Fellows who share their same profession. LitWorld's Executive Director, Pam Allyn, is mentoring Hadeer Maher, a brilliant social entrepreneur from Egypt. Here is more about Hadeer in her own words.

"My most significant role to my society was being the leader of more than 40 young people, motivating them to become active in their society and to start a social entrepreneurial project. My vision was to plant a developmental idea in a rural village and to spread the culture of reading and self-development to youth and children in that village.

The nearest school was an hour away, and I got the idea of building a book shelf just outside every house in this village. We also made lots of developmental workshops for the youth there to help spread some hygienic and self-developmental awareness. We let them learn what jobs and careers the outside world has to offer and to see what the isolation hides from them.

I envision Egypt as one of the greatest country in the MENA region by 2023. I want to be part of this development field in Egypt, maybe I can play a part in the registration of social entrepreneurship projects and let everyone know the difference between charity and development. I will work as hard as I can not to let any child live on the streets anymore, and work towards women's empowerment in Egypt."

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