An Inspiration Celebration with The Children's Village Boys LitClub

This week we visited the Dobbs Ferry, NY campus of our longtime partner, The Children's Village, for an end of year Poetry Slam Inspiration Celebration with the Boys LitClub. The LitClub boys decided to serve their guests Skittles and red velvet cupcakes. Each boy presented his favorite poem from his inspiration journal. We heard a poem about Skittles, a poem about a boy losing his mother, a rap (with advanced beats) called "Testify," and the poem below called, "Colors," written by LitClub member Justin.

We are sending deep and profound gratitude to the LitClub boys, and to Erica Mason, who has done a phenomenal job leading the Boys LitClub this year. Each boy has shown tremendous personal growth, and growth as a reader, writer, listener and speaker. It was an honor to take part in this warm Inspiration Celebration!


When I first came to Children's Village
I had the Golds.
Not the golds that make you smile.
Golds the sorts that make you want to scream.

Then when I got used to it for a long time
I had the blues blues.
Not the blues that
makes you want to swim.
The blues that makes you want to EXPLODE!

I don't have the blue.
I have the golds.
The golds that make you want to jump out of a plane golds.

Now I have the pinks.
The real pinks.
The pinks that makes you want to thank Children's Village.