Worldwide Stand Up for Girls Story Summits

On October 11th, the International Day of the Girl, communities all over the world stood up for every girl's human right to literacy. All over the world communities stood up for girls. In New York City we came together with our partner Global Girls Rising and girls from the Harlem community at our Stand UP for Girls Story Summit. The day was full of strength (the LitWorld 7 Strengths to be exact!), much joy, and the power of love and magic. Thanks to all, girls and boys, men and women who shared their voices and support for these efforts from near and far. Now: let's make every day a day to Stand Up for Girls for their guaranteed right to read and write and change the world with their own stories.

Our local partners in 15 countries held community events led by LitClub members themselves. The power and impact of coming together to honor girl's stories and voices was immediate - after hearing these stories of strength and hope, but also stories of hardship, our partner in Pakistan, the Seeds of Hope Foundation, said the mothers of the community now say they will send ALL of their children to school. 

Check out the LitWorld Facebook page for more photos of our New York City event and international Stand Up for Girls celebrations. Today, tomorrow and every day we must continue to champion every girl's right to live out her story and belong to a safe learning community.