Nurturing and Cultivating Fearless Summer Readers

In her latest piece for the Huffington Post, LitWorld Founder Pam Allyn is sharing 5 simple actions that every parent and caregiver can take to cultivate a child's deep love for reading this summer.

"Send your child to Hogwarts this summer. Fill her pockets with Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and give her the freedom to explore moving staircases and enchanted alleyways. Or send him on a hunt for secrets with Harriet the Spy to let his curiosity about the world around him soar as he learns to seek out untold stories. A summer filled with adventure and friendship forged through stories and the power of words belongs to every child. As parents, we can take some very simple actions that will indeed invite every child into the world of words and stories and change her life forever."

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