Stand Up for Girls with LitWorld on October 11th

Stand Up for Girls with LitWorld on October 11th, the Day of the Girl, and be part of a social movement that brings people of all ages and genders together to spread the power of girls' stories.

Around the world over 500 million women and girls cannot read or write. 150 million girls never get the chance to go to school. What prevents girls from becoming literate and going to school? Extreme poverty, early marriage and childbirth, fear of violence and persecution from extremists who fear educated girls.

But the Stand Up for Girls movement is about hope, joy and the power of story. Because when all girls have the chance to become literate and have safe spaces and outlets to honor and celebrate their own stories, extraordinary things will happen. Literacy is the path to a self-determined, hopeful and independent future and it grows best from writing and telling our own stories. 523 million stories, opinions, ideas and innovations are ready to change our world. Let's not let them go unheard any longer.

How can you help?

Thanks for asking. We need you to spread the word online. Here are simple actions that you can take along with sample social media posts. Copy, paste and post any of the messages, or use them as inspiration to tell your own story.

1. Rally your friends and followers.

Tell everyone why you will stand up for girls on October 11th and share the link to the LitWorld website to provide context and additional information about the movement.

Sample social media posts:

Every girl has the power to change the world with her own stories. I will #standup4girls with LitWorld on 10.11.14

523 million girls can't read or write. What if every girl had the chance to tell her story? #standup4girls on 10.11.14 #dayofthegirl

My hope for the world's girls? Independent, self-determined futures. #standup4girls with LitWorld on 10.11.14 #bethestory

2. Tell your story.

Each year we ask our community to make this movement personal by telling their own stories of strength and inspiration. Find your connection to the issue of girls' literacy by reflecting on your own story, and the stories of the women and girls who have shaped your life. Use the prompt: "I am the story of _____" to get started. You may also want to add a photo related to your story or to answer the prompt in video form.

Sample social media posts:

I am the story of my mother becoming the first in her family to go to college. #standup4girls #bethestory

I am the story of falling asleep with books in my bed & using my words to spread laughter and kindness. #bethestory #standup4girls

I am the story of starting a girls' football league because throwing like a girl means touchdowns & triumph. #bethestory #standup4girls

I am the story of Jane Goodall because she taught me that my love for animals could become my life's work. #standup4girls #bethestory

3. Invite your friends into the movement directly.

Let your friends know that you want to hear their stories too. Take advantage of the tagging features of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to invite your friends by name into the Stand Up for Girls movement.

Sample social media posts:

Twitter: I am the story of keeping a journal because of my hero, Harriet the Spy. @[Name of Friend] what's your story? #standup4girls #bethestory

Facebook or Instagram: I am the story of traveling the world to visit the homelands of my beloved book characters. @[Name of Friend] I will #standup4girls on 10.11.14 so that every girl can go on book adventures. Stand up beside me! What's your story?