Join the Stand Up for Girls Photo Campaign

Click on the picture to download your own copy of the Stand Up for Girls logo!

Click on the picture to download your own copy of the Stand Up for Girls logo!

We want to cover social media with Stand Up for Girls photos and stories. Change your profile picture on social media to the Stand Up for Girls logo - click here to download the logo.

You can also choose to take a picture holding the Stand Up for Girls sign and share it on your social networking sites. This photo will have the most impact if you pair it with a personal story that explains why you are standing up for girls on October 11th, the Day of the Girl.

Your story can be about a woman who has deeply inspired your life, your hope or dream for every girl in the world, or about a specific issue related to gender equality that resonates with you. For bonus points, make a video of yourself holding the sign and telling your story!

Tip: Be sure to include #standup4girls at the end of your post and tag specific friends in your post to personally invite them into the Stand Up for Girls movement and to let them know that you are listening for their story.

Click here to download the Stand Up for Girls sign and read the sample posts below for inspiration:

I will Stand Up for Girls with LitWorld on October 11th. I am standing up because around the world 150 million girls are not in school. I want to know their stories. I want their ideas to change our world. Please take a stand with me. Visit to download your own sign and tell me your #standup4girls story!

Stand up for girls! I invite you to advocate with me for girls everywhere, and the power they should each have to live their fullest dreams. This power comes from literacy, a powerful tool that breaks the heartbreaking barriers of poverty and liberates girls to live in freedom. Join with me on October 11 to #standup4girls with LitWorld, on Facebook, on Twitter, and everywhere.

My life has been inspired by the stories of many powerful and inspiring women and girls, so I will #standup4girls on the October 11th Day of the Girl. This year I'm standing up in honor of my aunt who is a breast cancer survivor, a lover of all living creatures and one of the few people who can make me laugh until my cheeks hurt. I don't know where I would be without her stories, her fearlessness, her guidance, her love. Won't you #standup4girls with me?