November News for You: Super Dreams for Super Readers

Dream Big With Us

Every child deserves the magic of story, and the opportunity for literacy to change her life. Giving season has arrived, and our goal is to raise $500,000 by December 31st so that we can extend the life-saving impact of our LitClub and LitCamp programs to more children around the world. LitWorld helps every child become a super reader. An idea-generating writer. A world-changing storyteller. Let's act now to create a world that shines with children’s stories and the promise of their own hopeful futures. We are deeply grateful for your gift. 


Putting HerStory on Record

While working in Nepal recently, our Visual Storytelling Ambassador Monet heard LitClub member Rojina say: "People without reading are like fishes without water." It is vital to put the experiences and stories of women and girls like Rojina on record. Through the LitWorld and Global G.L.O.W. HerStory Initiative, we are exploring more ways to document girls' stories and to share them across our global LitWorld community. In Nepal, girls are interviewing each other using Google tablets, and around the world their fellow LitClub girls will also engage in creative storytelling activities. Across countries and continents, girls will share words to inspire, comfort, motivate and uplift one another.

Maximizing the Mighty Read Aloud

Reading aloud every day to a child has a huge impact on their future academic and social success. Now, research affirms that the LitWorld way of integrating open-ended questions into the read aloud experience provides even more benefits to a child's intellectual growth. In light of these new findings, Yahoo! Parenting asked LitWorld Founder and literacy expert Pam Allyn to explain the connection between open-ended questions, critical thinking and creativity, and how to easily incorporate this into home and school reading routines. Read Pam's insight and tips here and get excited for our global World Read Aloud Day celebration on February 24th!

Change-the-World Readers

LitWorld Founder Pam Allyn and LitWorld Board Member Dr. Ernest Morrell have joined forces to co-author an innovative call to action for parents and educators. Using the LitWorld 7 Strengths, Every Child a Super Reader explores what it takes to inspire and empower every child through reading and literacy. Pam and Ernest will debut the book at the NCTE national conference this month, and it will be available from Scholastic in December.