Introducing the World Read Aloud Day 7 Strengths Countdown

World Read Aloud Day calls attention to the pure joy and power of reading aloud, and connects the world as a community of readers. To mobilize for the big day, LitWorld introduces the 7 Strengths countdown to World Read Aloud Day. The 7 Strengths celebrate all of the ways that reading makes us resilient and ready to thrive in school, work and life. They are: Belonging, Curiosity, Friendship, Kindness, Confidence, Courage, and Hope. Starting January 3rd, we will celebrate one strength per week until World Read Aloud Day is here!

This social media calendar shares sample posts and actions that you can take each week to spread the World Read Aloud Day movement and explore the impact of reading aloud. These posts and actions also make great inspiration for blog posts! If you will be posting or writing about LitWorld's World Read Aloud Day, be sure to link to the LitWorld website and tag us on Twitter (@litworldsays), Facebook (@LitWorld) or Instagram (@litworld) so that we can re-share your content with our online community.

Click here to download the World Read Aloud Day 7 Strengths Countdown and sample social media posts.