Your World Read Aloud Day Mission: Read Awesome Books

The World Read Aloud Day Reading Minutes Challenge is a joyful and rewarding adventure. The concept is simple: Participants read for as many minutes as they can leading up to World Read Aloud Day on March 4th. Every minute read will build strong reading muscles. On top of that, every second spent reading a story can have a big impact on the world. We invite you to collect sponsors to pledge a certain amount of money, or a flat donation, for every minute you read. For example, someone may choose to sponsor $1 for every 5 minutes you read, or they may choose to give you $30 to honor your efforts and participation in World Read Aloud Day.

Take the challenge as a family, a workplace or school-wide to build community around reading. We wish you many hours lost in the pages of a favorite book, and we offer our deep gratitude for joining the World Read Aloud Day movement. For convenience we have created a reading minutes tally and pledge tracker which is found in our World Read Aloud Day activity packets. Download the classroom, community, home or office packet to get started.