Celebrate Mother's Day with LitWorld

We are counting down to Mother’s Day by celebrating the women of our Moms LitClubs around the world. Honor your mom or a special woman in your life with a Mother’s Day gift to LitWorld and support this important program.  

Zawadi is a member of our Moms LitClub in Rwinkwavu, Rwanda. She did not go to school as a child because she had to help take care of her family.  She is 28 years old and has five children. She is also HIV/AIDs positive.

Through LitClub she found a loving, supportive community. She considers the women in her LitClub family. Zawadi says: “I got friends from LitClub. Sharing stories is a very important thing which helps me in my daily life. LitClub helped me to have self-confidence. I became able to resolve my own problems. The whole of my life before I depended on my husband.

At Rwinkwavu Community Library and Learning Center I help my children with their homework, I read to them from different books which is helping them to glow morally and spiritually and academically. We started the sewing project in our LitClub, and I am able to make children’s clothes to make money and take care of my family. I dream of creating my own sewing station.