July News: A Beachy Invitation, the LitCamp Debut, and a Magic Library

A LitWorld Summer Event

Join us for a special evening to honor the work that LitWorld does around the world to give children and families access to joyful literacy programs.

Saturday, August 15th
(Rain Date: August 16th)
6:00 - 8:30pm
Vineyard Haven, MA

Please extend the invitation to friends who will be in the area and share your belief in the power of literacy to change lives. Click here to RSVP or to make a contribution in lieu of attending.

Saying Goodbye to the Summer Slide

LitCamps are in session in New York City, Detroit, Newark, and Santa Ana, filling these out of school months with fearless reading, creative writing and activities that make learning feel like summer camp. In addition to the LitCamps we run with local partners, we are thrilled to announce the soft launch of Scholastic LitCamps, a nationwide initiative created in partnership with Scholastic to stop the summer slide. Our empowering 7 Strengths curriculum paired with the magic of quality Scholastic texts is a winning combination for every child. Stay tuned for the official nationwide rollout and for more information on how you can get your school or community-based organization a LitCamp!

LitWorld Libraries: For the Love of Reading

Back in December 2014, LitWorld celebrated #GivingTuesday by asking you to support our library program. We are overjoyed to tell you that a community library launched in Faisalabad, Pakistan in early March, and is working literacy miracles in the community. Our partner, The Seeds of Hope Foundation, reports that over 200 community members are registered library card holders. The library extends our reach beyond our LitClub participants and serves all ages. Mothers bring children who can not yet read on their own, and read aloud sessions engage and captivate children and families. Many community members had never seen a library in person before, and now they have access to a vibrant learning space five days a week.