Join LitWorld's Virtual Stand Up for Girls Story Summit

October 11th is our signature Stand Up for Girls day of action in honor of the International Day of the Girl. We mobilize to remind the world that the stories of women and girls are a force for positive change in our world. Our network of LitWorld and Global G.L.O.W. girls and mentors will hold community Story Summits, bringing together girls from the community to share stories of strength from their own lives.

LitWorld is rallying all of our supporters (that means you!) to come together in a virtual Story Summit leading up to October 11th. Here's how you can participate:

Take a minute to think about all of your strengths (you have many). Now, thinking about your strengths, reflect on the women and girls in your lives who have inspired, nurtured and supported your strengths. Was it your mother? A cousin? A mentor? Or was it someone you have never met but who has provided encouragement simply by living out her story?

Now share the source of your strength on social media, so that others may be moved and changed by her story too. Add her name to the end of our prompt "I am strong like..." with the tags #HerStory and #DayoftheGirl and a photo if you'd like. Together we will create a worldwide celebration of strong women leading up to the Day of the Girl.

Sample Posts


I am strong like my mother. #HerStory inspires me every day. Stand Up for Girls with @litworldsays on the #DayoftheGirl


I am strong like Maya Angelou. Her poetry is a constant source of courage, motivation and comfort. I will Stand Up for Girls with @LitWorld on October 11th because the stories of girls will change our world.


I am strong like Malala. She reminds me that the most powerful tool I could ever own is my own voice. "One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world." Stand Up for Girls with @LitWorld on October 11th. #DayoftheGirl #HerStory #standup4girls