Plan a Scholastic Book Fairs Family Event for World Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day on February 24th is a perfect time to reflect on family and classroom reading routines, and commit to setting aside time each day to gather as a family or classroom for a story shared aloud.

It takes a strong partnership between home, school and community to nurture children’s reading lives year-round. With our official World Read Aloud Day sponsor, Scholastic, we are celebrating the magic that is happening at Scholastic Book Fairs in schools countrywide to enroll families in the read aloud movement.

During World Read Aloud Day season, over 1,000 Book Fairs will be held all across the US, providing children with an abundance of inspiring reading choices, and providing schools with new resources for inviting families to embrace the practice of daily read alouds.

LitWorld and Scholastic Book Fairs created a special World Read Aloud Day kit full of activities and discussion guides centered on books that make captivating read alouds. The kit also has simple templates that teachers can print and use to organize a read aloud celebration that unites families and classrooms together in the mission to immerse children in year-round read alouds.

The Scholastic Book Fairs World Read Aloud Day kit can be downloaded here. To find a Book Fair near you, follow Scholastic Book Fairs on Facebook, or visit the Scholastic website.