Crissfer's LitClub Letter

Our team recently revisited a thoughtful letter from one of our Boy's LitClub members. Thank you, Crissfer, for sharing your kind words with us! 


Crissfer, Age: 12                                                                                            

6/9/15, Grade: 6th                                  

In my years of Boy's Club (3), I have noticed they always give us reasons to change and opportunities to do so. That's one of the reasons why Boy's and Girl's Club are important to all of us. They give us information about the world. They let us enjoy and express ourselves. They entertain us in several ways. They even let us think about our paths and let us think of our future. I hope (Oh God, I hope) that LitWorld survives the passage of time.



P.S. I hope for the futures of my fellow members to be great and honorable. 

Crisffer's Letter.jpg