LitCamp Tour: Super Reader Road Trip Begins!


LitWorld's founder, Pam Allyn, is embarking on the LitCamp Tour: Super Reader Road Trip starting on February 14th! Pam will speak at schools and meet with top administrators to talk about the importance and value of summer learning, and LitCamp's restorative magical values and solutions.

Scholastic is officially sponsoring the trip and will be tweeting and instagramming the journey.

Pam will travel by car with her dog Dewey in the passenger seat. They will journey through the U.S. along a southern route, stopping in Kentucky, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

The tour will last approximately a month and should be very exciting! Pam is hoping to build even more national awareness for the power of LitCamps and to enroll thousands more children on her way for the LitWorld movement!

Stay tuned for updates from Pam's journey.