We All Write Poems

It has been a sweltering few months for the LitClubs of Centre for Development, located in Ahmedabad, India! “With temperatures raising as high as an average 100 degrees Fahrenheit (or 38 °C), it is difficult to keep everyone motivated and moving during the day”, reports one of the organization’s Partnership Coordinators, Prasad Chacko.

But, despite the heat and humidity, LitKids are not only attending the regular meetings, where they regularly read, write, and create, but they have also been busy exploring another kind of self-expression - poetry! The clubs worked on group poems that centered around their own LitWorld experiences as well as people who are important to them. One of the CfD clubs, the Moon Club writes:

“We are children of the LitClub Moon,
We sing the Hello Song as we meet in the LitClub
We listen to stories during Read Aloud
And share those stories with others too..
We do community activities together,
We are the children of the LitClub Moon,
We learn about the 7 strengths,
And are strengthened ourselves
Belongingness and Kindness,
Curiosity and friendship
Gained courage and confidence
And nurtured Hope in our future
We are children of the LitClub Moon”
The power of singing with friends 💛

The power of singing with friends 💛

Another club, the Tulip Club wrote a poem about their moms! It is called “Mother

My loving Mother
She loves me every day
She always has a smile on her face
She gently teaches me so many things in life
She kindles hope in me, fulfils my dreams
She always has a smile on her face
My loving Mother”

We are sending lots of congratulations to these young poets and writers for exploring their hearts and writing down their feelings. Keep writing, keep exploring and as always - shooting stars to all! 💫💫💫