We Need A Solution For Girls Around the Globe.


We found this video by The Girl Effect, a movement created by the Nike Foundation and Novo Foundation to raise awareness about improving and nurturing the lives of young women in developing countries. While the video mentions that a girl's life begins to become endangered at age 12, it is arguable to say that the risk begins at birth, with baby girls having a significantly higher infant mortality rate than boys.

As this video expresses, there is an urgent necessity to care for girls. Girls will grow into women who will have their own families, and as mothers, they will usher in the next generation of healthy and educated children. Young women not only give birth to new children, they also carry with them the birth of a renewed cycle of life.

Here at LitWorld, we offer a solution to the movement for young women. By building Girls Clubs chapters across the world, we are helping to bring individual attention to young women who have the potential to become leaders of their communities. Girls Clubs empower young women by encouraging them to own and tell their stories, and by promoting the power of reading and writing as a tool for change. Through literacy and education, LitWorld has a mission to strengthen the lives of girls, contributing to every young woman's ability (and right) to take control of her life.