First Girls Club Meeting in Accra, Ghana!

Our Girls Club Leader in Accra, Ghana, Madison Graboyes, has written us to let us know how the project is going overseas. Take a look at her blog entry to see what she's been up to! Thank you for all your work, Madison!

It's time to begin my first LitWorld Girls Club in Ghana!  I was so excited to get this project started, and it felt like such a long time coming since I have been here for two months trying to find a venue for the program.  Finally Ghanaian schools started, and with that, so too could my Girls Club.  I went into my English Language class (the one I had yesterday) and called all the girls to bring their notebooks and come with me.  My supplies were pretty limited (aka none, not even a classroom) so I took the girls into a vacant cinderblock shell of a school building next door.  We sat on the ground - stressful as the girls did not want to get their skirts dirty - and I began to explain who I was, who LitWorld was, and what this special time we were going to have every Thursday was.  It was slow going at first, so I tried a name game.