Nesla's Dilemma: Stories Written by Red Rose Girls Club Members

Nesla's Dilemma is a combination of stories written by Red Rose Girls Club members. After a series of talks and lessons on hygiene and the female menstrual cycle, the group decided to write about our periods. Some girls decided to write a fictional story and others recorded their thoughts on the issue.

Using bits of each girls stories or reflections, their facilitators combined them all into one story. Nesla is a poor girl who lives in rural Kenya. One day, she suddenly gets her period and is unsure of what to do. But, after an enlightening talk with her mother, she learns that she is experiencing a normal change. However, Nesla's family is too poor to afford buying sanitary pads.

Her mother finds a Girls Club for Nesla to attend and it is there that she receives sanitary pads. The pads allow her to be in school every day so is able to finish and excel in her education. This story reflects how the Girls Club affects its members, as many girls are not able to afford pads nor are they comfortable talking about their periods with a mom or aunt. This story is informational, as well, and the Red Rose girls hope to use their stories to inform other girls about menstruation and how to handle it.