Kibera Girls Club: Knitting Madness!

The newly formed LitWorld Girl's Club has been going strong!

Facilitators 'Teacher' Rose, Joscelyn Truitt, and Jackie Espana have enjoyed guiding and spending time with the girls. So far, the club has played many games to create a comfortable and trusting environment, talked about menstruation, sanitary pads, and changing bodies, the seriousness of sexual harassment, abuse, and rape and how we can protect ourselves and support each other, how to write our own stories, and most recently the valuable skill of knitting.

The girls were thrilled to hear that they received their own Girl's Club knitting needles and yarn, donated by avid and talented knitter, Joyce Zimmerman, the grandmother of Jackie Espana. The girls have discussed what knitting can give us, relaxation, a skill we can keep with us our whole life to make our own clothes, and a trade we can use to earn money. So far they have learned how to "cast on" their first row of stitches and how to do the basic knitting stitch. Every girl is making their own square as their first project. We can wait to post their final pieces!