The last two weeks of our meetings have been expressions of joy . The girls have been marvelling about all the gifts they received from the visiting LitCorps Annie Foley and Jim Allyn. They look at the notebooks, pens and inspirational books with admiration. As we write this article, they want other girls out there to know how grateful and happy they are. All these gifts meant a lot to them especially the laptop!

They all had something to say about the difference this laptop will bring to the club.

Florence: It will help us make new friends and keep in touch easily

Diana:It will enable us to share ideas with other girls in the world and be able to encourage each other

Sharon:It will enable us to know more about other girls and what they are doing in their girls' clubs

Mercy:It was very costly to use the internet in cyber. With this laptop, I can now keep in touch with my friends

Quinter:I will be able to easily reach teacher Pam. I will also learn to use a computer.

Specioza: I will be able to keep my secrets!

Asante sana to LitWorld!