LitWorld Girls Club Harlem Wraps Up!

This past Tuesday was our last writing session for Girls Club Harlem. The Fall has begun in New York City, and the season is gearing up for new moves: going back to school, taking on new projects, and hitting the books yet again. The weather has cooled down too, a sure sign of a new season at bay.

The girls admit they've changed a lot this summer, cultivating a new appreciation for life, the word, and most of all, each other. These past eight weeks have allowed them to open their eyes to things that they never would have before, meet amazing individuals that they wouldn't typically encounter, and diving into conversations about global issues. For these girls who don't often think of the world outside of Harlem, this Girls Club granted them the ability to carry them halfway around the world, wrapped into discussions with Pam about Africa.

On Tuesday, these girls had these to say about their summer experience with LitWorld:

"Being a part of this group has changed me. It opened me up a lot and showed me how to give writing a chance." -Tiffany Collins

"[LitWorld Girls Club] made me come together with people I usually wouldn't hang out with. Its made me see how strong words can be, how words can move us. And I made a cool friend named Ruby!" -Aisatou Bah

" It helped me understand girls more and learn that I'm not alone. I also became closer to the girls in this program and I could talk more with them than I have ever done with any girl. It's been a great experience working with these girls, and I hope to continue!" - Stephanie Marfo

It has been a gift to work with these young women, future leaders who I am proud to watch grow stronger and more confident each time I see them. Next week, we are going out for our celebratory dinner in Little Italy, and all of us are excited to celebrate the transformation we've all experienced this summer. I will share some photos soon!