New Girls Club Launches at Brooklyn Heights School!

It’s a new year, and already, we’ve got a lot of new projects going! Our Girls Clubs have certainly been growing, and we’re happy to announce that another site in New York City has launched in Brooklyn Heights. The new site is at the PS. 8 School, led by teacher Marybeth Gazlay. Here’s what she had to say about her first day:

The PS 8 LitWorld Girls’ Club launched today, January 10, 2011 in Brooklyn. Twelve brave young ladies listened to their teacher attempt to sing the “Hello Song” and without a blink of the eye, they took the lead and the right tune and were off and running. The Name Game proved to be a dramatic performance with the girls adding movements to their catching adjectives such as “Magnificent Mia” and “Spectacular Schuyler”. Our newest addition, “Excellent Ella” is a twin sister from another class who jumped right in and joined the fun. The read aloud, “The Peace Book” by Todd Parr mirrored many of the discussions we have in class and in our Drama program. Our discussion about how to spread peace throughout the world could have gone on for the entire hour itself. Once I told the girls we could blog and talk with other Girls Clubs especially with our webcam, well, I lost them for a few minutes. “Can we do it now?” They were so excited! As the hour came to a close, we were knee deep in poster making trying to find the right words and images to appropriately model the Girls Clubs’ Seven Strengths. The girls filed out singing the “Good bye” song and greeted their parents with smiles. It was a quite a successful first day and we are looking forward to our next meeting!

Check back in for photos and more reflections from Marybeth and PS.8. There will be more to come soon, and we can’t wait to share!