An Exciting First Day at Girls Club Kensington in Brooklyn, NY


Today's Read-Aloud Material, The Peace Book by Todd Parr (with new friends)

As we welcome our new Girls Club in Ghana, we also ushered in the very first day of another one of our new Girls Club in Brooklyn, New York City. The Kensington Elementary School, with its vibrant red doors, houses some of the most buoyant and brilliant young students, including the ten excited girls participating in the LitWorld Girls Club program.

The ten giggling girls had the most contagious, effervescent energy! We played games to get to know each other's names, talked about the importance of supporting and nurturing girls, and learned the seven strengths. Their eyes grew wide when they found they were part of a worldwide community of other young women who were doing many similar things, and it was so uplifting to see how much this program could get them so excited.

We also read The Peace Book by Todd Parr, and talked about what peace meant to each of us. There is nothing more rewarding than being in a room with these bright young girls, laughing uncontrollably and giggling in unison, united under the same roof despite coming from so many different parts of the world. The Kensington School boasts an international community of students, all descending from many different countries.

Thanks to the wonderful staff of Kensington School, we have yet another LitWorld Girls Club site, reaching even more girls. So much more to come!