Girls LItClubs in Accra, Ghana Explore the Seven Strengths

The entry below is shared by our Girls LitClub facilitator in Accra, Ghana, Emefa. Our Girls LitClubs there is done in partnership with Ceinode Ghana. Thank you for your work, Emefa!

The day began with the “Hello Song” that got the facilitator greeting all girls in a very exciting and sisterly environment. Girls could not hide their excitement and anxiety as they sang along with the facilitator to open the day. Next was the check in question that got the girls sharing their most exciting moment of the week. 

These warm up interactions set the stage to continue from where the Day 1 lesson ended previously. Girls were led to write the answer to day one’s discussion question into their journals and later shared with friends. Individual answers are captured in the photo below:

The next activity took the girls through the seven strengths of Litworld workshops. Girls were guided to appreciate what each strength stands for, and why our weekly workshops will be structured around the strengths.

The discussion subsequently led girls to indicate what each strength means to them as they came forward to indicate it in words, phrases, sentences and sketches, linking what they had to write to the particular strength being discussed at the time. The chart with the seven strengths boldly hangs in front of the club.
Generally, the day was a very interactive and fulfilling for the girls, a very successful and impactful day!

The day ended with a quick review of activities for the day and the goodbye song.