Beautiful Poetry: The Boys in Kibera Speak the Strengths

The LitWorld Boys Club had four sessions in the month of September. On the first week of that month they were re-introduced to the seven pillars of the Boys Club curriculum. They had a general overview of the whole curriculum after which they set on discussing one of the pillars-Esteem (Confidence). Participants were able to define esteem, explain its importance, characteristics, how to develop self-esteem, the contributing factors of positive self-esteem and the importance of high self-esteem. They also had a weekly test which involved self-esteem assessment test.  This scoring purposes to get a general idea of where their self-esteem is at the moment.

The third week was characterized by discussion about values. The objective of this session was to enable them to be in a position to explain what is meant by values and attitudes, identify personal, family, religious and cultural values. They were also able to learn where values come from, know how values affect our behaviors and how it determines our relationship with others. The methodologies that were used included brainstorming, discussions and small group work.

On the last week of September, the boys discussed another element in the clubs curriculum-Curiosity.  Again they defined curiosity, its importance, characteristics and how to improve on it. They also read poems and quotes on curiosity from famous authors. Lastly, they made a pin-up chart that contained the poems and the quotes.

In the month of October, the group had enjoyable moments. The following poems were composed by members of the club as an attempt of appreciating some the elements they have discussed during their meetings.



By Brian

Compassion is a feeling of love

When you show compassion

Many souls are at peace

The world becomes a better place

Compassion, is all the world needs


Imagine of a world without compassion

People harming and killing

It is a lost world

We can avoid this

Compassion is all what you and me need


Compassionate people have

Smiling faces around them

They help the poor

Encourage the weak

Accompany the lonely

And………list is endless

Compassion, is all that we need



By the Kibera Boys Club

Circumstances are grim

Uncertainty is the theme

Fear has blurred my vision

Vision to future mission

Left with a wounded eagerness

Despair and other mess

Hope has deserted me


I keep digging

Deep into my intricate being

To ‘exhume’ the little bit

Left to save the soul a bit

Hope is all I need

Belief is all I breed

To regain my normal being


I hear they say

A hopeless man says nay

And lives with despair and gloom

Never lives to bloom

Hope they say

Is essential for a day

It designates the essence of humanity