The LitWorld Team & the Kibera Boys LitClub Read, Laugh, and Share Together

The challenges of boyhood are at times tricky, or even traumatic. It is also how we carry out ourselves at this stage that would determine our fatherhood stage (a dream every boy harbors).  This was very much evident when the boys club met four gentlemen; Eddy, Jeremy, Billy and Jim.

Eddy, a taxi driver, and a successful one for that matter, told an inspiring story about his boyhood dreams and obsession with cars. He fantasized an adulthood of driving fancy cars from one place to another across Kenya. He nurtured this dream to a successful realization. He now drives people as a delightfully chosen career.

Jeremy, of the Children’s Village in New York also told his story of a tempting boyhood. It is for this reason that he has vouched help young men as he understands the confrontations that come with being a boy. He helps to model them into achievers.

Jim, a lawyer by training only practiced law for a few years and embarked on a mission to help young children (boys included) at LitWorld. He, together with his wife Pam (founder of LitWorld) are out to build a society united in reading. The three stories from these gentlemen are an inspiration to the boys and whenever they (boys) chant the songs they learnt from them (the men) their hearts are filled with joy and hope. Hope that a brighter fatherhood is beckoning.

“We are the boys”, they bellow in unison.

Thank you.