Special Visitors Arrive in our Girls Club in Kibera, Kenya!

Recently, some special vistors arrived in our Girls LitClubs in Kibera, Kenya- including our LitWorld team! Thanks to our Girls LitClub facilitator, Prisca, for submitting this entry:

The girls with the books they received from Pam!

This Sunday we were delighted to have two guests. One of our own: Zainab, a pioneer High School Scholarship Beneficiary. She has just completed her national KCSE examinations at State House Girls. She came to share her experiences in high school with the girls club. From the conversation and millions of questions asked, it was obvious to note that the girls litclub students were quite eager to know about high school life. I must admit that listening to some of Zainab’s advice on peer pressure as well as how to maintain one's identity even when in a group, was an eye opener. To top it all off, they got firsthand experience of how to conquer the several trials and tribulations they may face in their teenage years.

The second guest was Barbra Guantai, a musician who leans towards the genre of afro-fusion. Taking a look at her picture, you can almost tell immediately that this is someone who is passionate and not afraid to follow her dream. Listening to her music, a blend of traditional African rhythms and the modern contemporary one, is a testament that following your heart does pay off. She had a glow; right from the moment she picked up her mahogany coloured classical guitar, to plucking that first string and singing that first note, the glow spread. The girls had it too.

In a few minutes that glow changed to excitement the moment the girls joined in the singing. From the start I realised the girls wouldn’t easily let her go, and in the end I almost had to drag her away. Did I mention Barbra didn’t come alone, she was accompanied by her mother: a retired nurse who previously worked at Kenyatta National Hospital, as well as well her two cousins, who were all too eager to join in the fun and games.

Her mother tackled all the questions the girls threw at her gracefully. It was easy for the girls to relate to her considering she also grew up in Kibera. The girls listened intently as she mentioned the need for the girls to remain principled as well as being focused on education as a “ticket out”. She is currently running a clinic based in Kibera. She is definitely a living example of her own advice.

The LitWorld team also came to visit the Girls LitClubs in Kibera, and the girls were so happy to see them and play dress up with the wonderful costumes they brought! See the photos below:

LitWorld Executive Director Pam Allyn with the Girls Club

LitWorld friend Denise Ortiz came along for the visit!

 The girls playing dress up!