A Treat for the Girls LitClub in Kibera, Kenya

Last Sunday we read the book Stuart Little by E. B White, a book that explores the life of a mouse pet named Stuart who lives with a human family in an apartment in New York City, and loves adventure. His best friend is a bird named Margalo who disappears, making Stuart experience the most amazing adventures in trying to track down his missing friend.

The girls were so captivated by this book. We reread the first three chapters; this was to accommodate those who were not there during the previous reading session with Pam. How we wait to see what happens next in the life of Start in the upcoming chapters!

On the same day, they met Njugush (John Njuguna) a TV presenter on a show Rauka ( a gospel show) that airs every Sunday morning from 6am - 1pm on one of our local channels (Citizen TV). The girls love the show and what better way to inspire some of them to follow their dreams than to get them their favorite TV presenter! They attentively listened to the advice Njuguna had to offer their young minds. “We all have to start from somewhere and let nobody make you feel like you are worth less!” These were words of encouragement from a man they look up to. We look forward to working with this TV icon in continuing to enrich the lives of these young girls.